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> Stanley Nineteen13 Lunch Container - Stormtropper

Storm***trooper***. Storm. Trooper.



Any pictures of the lunchbox open…and from the side? It looks like there might be a handle on one end. Is it one compartment inside or is it broken into sections?



Mountainsmith Cyber II Camera Case is a great little case. I use one for hiking/backpacking. I stays on the chest area of your pack. It also takes a bunch of abuse and mine isn’t showing any wear.


there are pictures floating around somewhere of the inside, it’s only one compartment, and its not very big.


There were a lot of good pics and videos in the last sale on Sellout.



Hmmmmmmmm. Maybe it’s an uncoordinated StormTrooper? I’ll report it just in case though.


thanks tt. sometimes im too lazy to look.


I’m not convinced these items were selected at random. Perhaps miscellaneous items.


No problem. I happened to remember a lot of good info in that discussion thread.


The stormtrooper style are actually white/grey, the one thats pictured is silver. So the picture is wrong.

The reason I know this is because I ordered some last time they were on sellout.woot.


The lunchbox actually looks very useful; I’d call it a paper-sack replacement. There are some complaints about its small capacity; but unlike typical boxes, this could slip into a backpack or messenger bag. When you consider that beverages are already in a suitable container, or can be put into one, this actually looks quite substantial.

Here is a video (as seen previously) with some examples: