Random Crap: 2006 Calendar Edition

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

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one crap…two craps…three craps…and an occasional Quality Post:

[]p6, Malik112099 does some quick research and provides Amazon links and prices for each calendar.
]p9, svullie presents a poem, probably the world’s first piece of rhymed verse about a calendar sale
[]p12, mesmashwoot produces a high quality informative post which the almighty wootbot will deign to recognize.
]p15, Snapster posts new stuff for the stats. Fact, not crap…that total, again: 20,000 calendars.

Random Crap: 2006 Calendar Edition

  • $5 shipping

Today’s item quantity: 20000
Last Order time: 6:45 PM Central Time
Woot Member to blame: julieanno
Order Pace: 0m 3.651s
Woot Wage: $1,065.99 an hour.

Three great woot prices in a row !!!

I didn’t get a “Fact or Crap” calendar in my BOC last month, and was slightly disappointed, but this might make up for it.

sweet…no thanks

what the heck,
ill take one.
maybe 2 or 3 even.

Very Interesting…no thanks


Hmmmm, I’m about to move. A few of these might make good packing material.

no thanks, my computer tells me the date and my cellphones

Calendars are lame. No thanks.

Well, if you’re in the market for a calendar…

yea who knows what this can be used for, but what the w00t!!

WHy? Where was this a month ago…?
Excellent deal - but…already stocked.

Hmmm… late Xmas gifts?

nice cheap woot. but something i wont use. but nice!

The only Calander I need is “cal 2006”

yep, you called it… “random crap”… oh well tomorrows another day…

$6 for a calendra? i would rather go to the gorcery store and get one for 99 cents

almost thought it was a bag of crap again instead its real crap

I saw Random Crap…and then I was let down…sigh, goodnight.