Random Crap

Wheee! That took some time, but it finally worked. Yay crap!

welcome to the party

wheee finally got one again


Yay, first crap after quite the dry spell!

Its my first. Hope for some crappy crap.


hooray for crap

Yay! Yay! Yay! That was worth staying up and madly refreshing over and over. Thanks Woot for selling me crap!

Hope it is worth the wait! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the BOC! :slight_smile:

woo hooo

It’s STILL available. Crazy.

Holy BOC! I probably just bought an old AS/400 full of RPG code.

2nd BOC! Last one was snagged in 2005… hope its not that long for the 3rd.

Lets hope this is better than the tool random bag! :slight_smile: HAPPY BIRTHDAY COMPUTERS.WOOT!

For the price of PI, you too can have a newly minted crap from computers.woot!

Really excited - six long years and finally my first Bag of Crap! Success. Sigh. Thanks, woot!

The wife will not be pleased, but a crap is a crap