Random Crap



dang. missed yet another one! when will my bag come?

finally got one

Got my BOC!

darn you! (i know it doesn’t have the same punch)

bah saw it and missed out!

Yaaaaaaaaaaay! It took me 3 tries today but I got my first-ever Bottle of Crush. :slight_smile:

When will I get my crap?

Woot! My first BOC in years!!!

I can now carry on with my life in peace, with the happiness, satisfaction and self-realization that comes with FINALLY obtaining a BOC. After how many years of Wooting?!? AMEN!

Yes! Hedging my bets on each site getting a BOC paid off. Looks like wine might be the next one to get one.

Lucky me

I don’t know how I’ve missed the last two when I’ve clicked them immediately. How many are they selling in each batch?

Holy crappola…SUCCESS!

i hop every one gets one…some how i think the odds are in in evryones favor

thanks woot! thats #2!

And another swing and a miss.

Go Squaryels…or whatever.

Aren’t you allowed but 1?