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Random Crap
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Got three! Woo!


Muwahahahaaaaaaaa…I made it!!! I figured staying up until 1am for months on end would finally pay off. Oh, how sweet it is.


Happy Birthday Woot!


happy 4th birthday woot – i got my crap



In for threeeeeeeeeee!

Happy freeeeeeekin’ Birthday!


in line, hopefully get it! :slight_smile:


Wait, so what is it? I’m paying $1 for the goodies and $5 for the shipping? I would say a pass, good luck.


WOOHOO got it!


got 3, fun!


Got my first BOC EVER!!!


wooo woooo!!! awesome!

edit: Hey Woot! I want a ROOMBA!!! Perty please!! Make your company public on the stock market and I’ll buy $1000 tomorrow. I’m not kidding


yay boc!!!


Woohoo! Got mine!




in for 3

hopefully I’ll get my first crap ever. happy birthday woot, good luck on the potty training. If you fail, we’ll rub your nose in it, don’t worry.


Damn the credit card processing is slow


I love you woot!! LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU. Why is my order still processing though?


Got in early for once. Thanks Wootie!