Random Crap

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Random Crap
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Condition: Craptacular

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  • 1 Random Crap


ummm should i rish my 6$

Yea I got 3 BOC…It only took 6 months of trying…

I WIN!!!

damn you

WHOA NELLY 3 BOC for me!!!

1st? In for 3!

Woot!! In for 3! First BOC evar!

OK, and now the hoping the order got through begins…

I got one! I got one! The servers gods have smiled upon me.

(EDIT: You know, that makes me sound like a dork who only ordered one crap. I ordered 3 as instructed. I’m a good lemming and smart.)

Got threeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


My order’s processing bitches!

lol i pop in randomly and finde random crap best day ever

Mauhahahahaah It hath come

Gotz my bag-o-crap!!! w00t*!*

computer is so slow!! :frowning:

me thinks I gots a bag o crapola