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Dog years?

I disagree and think it’s your email that blocked 'em. For example, didya know that godaddy runs all emails through a blacklist filter even if you have all filtering turned off? Several mail providers do the same. Could also be that you used an email provider who has been blacklisted and woot’s email provider is running items against a blacklist filter. GMail gets blacklisted routinely, for example.

My experience with woot customer service and their responding to problems has always been good and they’ve always taken care of problems for me. For example, one item they said dont worry about returning, here’s your refund and a coupon for next time, another item was easily returned.

I got three! I wanna thank my manager for believing in me…

DUDE !! Get a life!!!


I would wait. Seriously. A lot of people’s orders may not go through and she still may be in line for one… “maybe”…

I hope she gets it. Good Luck!


Just ignore it.
Everytime someone replies to him, he’s getting exactly what he wants…attention.
If he doesn’t have any fuel, he’ll get bored & eventually leave.

Finally got one, er… three. I can die happy now.


There’s no such thing as the “wrong day to go for taco bell” at midnight or any time.

Listen to all the Woot defenders talking about e-mail blacklisting and spamfilters. I run both at my company and my friend/coworker who got CEO’d on my Woot w/the tv was definitely not getting e-mails blocked. Numbskulls.

Whew…thanks for the reminder. I just hate trolls.

Woot cheats people?


I received a broken set of iPod speakers and was sent a new set after e-mailing Woot. No problem.

hamstar2002 wrote:

5886…the number sold is also the number of boxes that you will get.

Well, I’ll need 5886 tissues to cry into, as I missed out again.

Wohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!! After so many failed attempts, I got my first random crap.

I would be surprised if other sites, if they were to try to sell something like a boc like woot just did, would also have their server freeze up like this. Having 50,000 + people vying for 5886 random stuff for cheap prices and set shipping. Most other online retailers would shudder if they thought about trying it.

So you got the Burrito de Carpa instead.

I am not the woot defender, but I am the Priceline Negotiator. What will it take for you to click off this site…$99? Don’t be a wuss… $49?


I just found out my order of 3 worked. Woot Woot. How long before I get my crap? A month?

WOOT DID NOT REPLY TO ME WHEN I RECEIVED A BROKEN ITEM. I sent them e-mail for a month and checked my spam filter, nothing. If you got lucky enough to get a response, good for you. I only described my experience and the experience of 2 friends of mine that also got screwed by woot. Like it or not, it happened. I am not slamming woot, just stating a fact to warn others. Deal with it woor brown-nosers lol.

lol to the 1% that ordered 2. Thats statistically almost 60 people.