Random Crap

I ordered 4 pieces of crap. When I submitted the order I got an error message. So woot, if the order didn’t go through please let me know.

It’s too bad about all the server errors tonight.

They must have a lot of crap to get rid of if it’s still in stock right now. :lol:


:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: It sure feels like Christmas…waiting for the present Mr Woot Claus bringing us

What’s with all these errors? took forever to order

God dam ti, woot, you’re sucking. I’ve tried like 20 times to order. Fix your web site!

how do i check to see where my order is being shipped to?

So many errors, but hey it went through, finally. Cant beat the price. popular item of course for $5.03. Any guesses to what we will get? I wish for a PC that can actually play Doom 3 on Ultra high Quality settings and 4X antialiasing…LOL…like that could ever fit into that bag…or could it…hmmmmmm… :lol:

you cant unless you printed the page after your order was successful…try contacting woot.com

I just made an order, for that price I’ll be happy to be surprised with any kind of crap :wink:

I hope it actually IS a bag of CRAP… Fertilizer is damn expensive these days…

…Just based on the sheer mirth value this may bring. I hope the Woot! Fairy brings me treats and not tricks. :smiley:

Getting all sorts of errors. Ordered, but got an error message. Then received a confirmation e-mail, so it SHOULD have gone through. In any case…first Woot purchase…a random bag of crap…C’MON BABY!..DADDY NEEDS A NEW PAIR OF SHOES!!! :lol:

I just got a bunch of errors and now my card has been charged twice, or so my bank’s website says. Funny how the woot error messages said that none of my attempts succeeded.
No confirmation emails have come yet, so is there any way I can know for sure if I am going to get any of these things? I don’t mind getting charged twice as long as I get twice the goods, but it would be nice to know why there are so many errors all of a sudden.

I got several errors while trying to buy my first Woot! item & it reset my purchase quantity back to 1. I wanted to order 3. I hope they get my email & fix it for me!

:shock: Well, since I live in Central Florida, I hope this grab bag includes

  1. One of those old Yellow Rain Slickers
  2. Rubber Boots
  3. Inflatable Boat…

This forum should be very lively for the next week or two…

Just like many others, I came across lots of errors. Well, in the end I recieved order confirmations for 7 different order numbers total. Snapster, is it possible to cancel all but 1 of those orders? I think a few bags of crap is enough for me. Unless of course, it’s really valuable crap!

Thanks in advance.

I got some errors too…went through the second times however. /me Kicks developers in the butt.

That’s a big bag? I wonder what is in it? I hope it’s not more neoprene bags! $5.03 is worth the suspense.

Woot! i to am getting errors, please woot let me buy stuff that i dont know what it is for 3 cents… woot!!! nm i just got it to work, cmon good shit, i got 3 just in case, woot is the best place, second order, in less than 5 woots. im starting to love this place.

hopefylly, i dont get charged for the eleventybillion times i hit the submit button : (

Just placed my order for three… had lots of error messages but only one confirmation email. Sooo… I guess it’s working in its own strange way… This would be very entertaining to explain to the wife what I just bought… at least she’ll appreciate the fact that is was only $5.03 shipped!

eleventybillion… :smiley: May have to use that sometime!