Random Crap

[imgleft]http://www.woot.com/Images/Sale/Random_Crap-thumbnail.jpg[/imgleft] Random Crap - Friday, November 04, 2005
Item qty: 4500, Last Order: 2:49 AM CST, Wooter to blame: nikmin
Order Pace: 0m 2.092s, Woot Wage: $1,593.98/hour.

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note from snapster:
Well… Thank you for participating in the most annoying server farm bottleneck test ever… Status quo for woot - no matter what we do, we can’t keep up with crap traffic… good ol’ error 500 may just be destined to remain part of the experience. If anyone needs to test DoS activity, we have a great platform for it.

Luckily, we know most of you avoided getting crap this time, and in the long run you’ll thank us. Let me tell you, the quality of crap has gone downhill since we were kids…


mini-update 11:44am - not that it matters now, but our codeslaves reported (once they woke up today) encountering and fixing an address change problem in the order process that was causing 30 second database hang ups (stacked on top of each other) last night. These would pile up while we were getting 1200 requests a second to the server. Once this code was streamlined, a final reboot and re-release allowed us to speed through remaining 600 orders in about 90 seconds.

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Here’s the first Bag O Crap photo, followed by many more reports, pics, complaints, and hosannas…
…including this from dschonew, who scored a real life InFocus 61" DLP TV!

I’ve been waiting for this woot ever since my first woot experience. Everytime i see a brown bag with a yellow question mark on it, i cant help but think of the coveted B.0.C

wow i dont know what happened, but i got server errors right when i pressed the “buy now” button after putting in all my info…i dont know if it went through, i havent received a confirmation. :frowning: i’ve been waiting for sooooo long :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

hey and welcome to woot land. tonights woot is incredible. They have really outdone it this time. Im in for three. You know whos getting one right? Camody, my nephew (well, hes not really my nephew, hes my sisteres foster kid. hes from murdaville, ga) Well, once again Ive got on the first page. I had to dip out from community service to come look at woot. Its always good to me. WWSSL Get it hatchet homeboys

woot r0xx0rz, I bought 3!

wheeee!!! bag o crap!!!

my haiku entry:

woot! woot! bag o’ crap.
server five hundred error,
woot? no bag of crap?

thank you.

The perfect woot for me - I have been waiting for months on this one!

Does anyone know what was in this last time???

hi thompson

Woot R Done ™ - Just Woot it [;)]

Not much to say but good luck!!! WOO HOO BOC!!!

Hey… look at that w.w.w. thingee below for good deals [;)]


This is a woot I am ordering for Xmas! YAY!



How can I say no?

hmmm, this should be good

Now this is interesting


gotta do it!!! Woot

Already ordered :wink:

I’m only in for 1 ;_;

This for the woot cry babies who complain about a woot that is not for them. Well, here you go!