Random Crap



So I havn’t bought any crap is this good?


I can’t find a froogle link for this :slight_smile: lol.

I <3 woot.

x3 purchased. Love you Woot.com!!


Oh baby, the infamous Box of Chocolate.

Wow, I got in and received confirmation in 2 minutes! This has to be a record. Woot, fantastic work on those servers.

Last time I got one of the Virgin Pulse CD players but the LCD on top didn’t work. Well, I opened 'er up and simply stuck the ribbon cable into the circuit board and voila! The LCD on top is back! Pretty nice player, too - in-line wired remote, plays mp3s, pretty cool. And let’s not forget that stocking.

Here’s hoping this is a good grab bag as well…and I hope everybody got in on it.


what is this?lol?is it worth it…lol crap



you know whats funny… i totally predicted that today would be BoC day… just watch it sell out in 3 minutes… 12:03… lets see

i can be like the woot weather man!! only ill be the woot sale predictor!! haha


I forsake thee, bag o’ crap!

Be gone!


What a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day…


YES!!! Random Crap, I’m so in for 3!!!


In for THREE !

Second BOC for me. (Third if you count the calendars)



Mine has been processing for over 4 minutes…


Woohoo, 2 in a row!

I got the Christmas Eve Crap and now I got this one! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


WOOT INDEED! Finally a Bag of Crap when I decide to stay up! Im in for 3. Never know when you might get that 61 inch LCDTV :smiley:

EDIT: ARGGGG I hit submit my order at 12:02 and then it takes several minutes and finally comes back “We are sold out”… Damn




Sold out already. Buncha crap.



Froogle has a Bag of Crap for5$ so this is a real bargin :wink:

love the podcasts, always good for a laugh


4 min! sold out! grrrrr!


I got through the big button page… just waiting for the next page to refresh. The servers are HAMMERED! Hehe.


1st woot, I’m in on the Batman on Crime!


SON OF A *****! WHAT THE ****?!!

I HIT ORDER! This is BULL!!!

::kills self::