Random Crap



I’m newb, what kind of random crap has people received recently?


No bag of crap for me. How fast do you have to be? Holy cow.


Darn it! I got to the order page, and it automatically selected one item. I went back to lick the button again and it was sold out!


Sold out before I could even get through! NOOOOOOOOOOO!


Crap. Didnt change it to 3 in my haste. Damn.


AHHHHHH Second time this woot-off I’ve been denied at the order screen - damn you need to get a better system for that crap…Grrr




1200 gone just like that? Didn’t even load the order page.


I didn’t even have time to transmit my order. That sucks!


CRAP CRAP CRAP!!! DAMN YOU WOOT… i should have stayed logged in!!!


I WAS SO CLOSE too…dang…I will get a BoC yet!


YES!!! finally!



I was on the order page, set it to 3 and by the time I hit the button it’s sold out already… this so farkin sucks…


Woot — Get some new servers!!! I’ve been wooting since midnight and the first thing I try to buy and your site hangs!!! My day is now ruined!


I clicked I want one, and the page just sat there. what the FUCK woot??? this is enough. why do I even bother. mind games. pure and simple. I’m outta here


yeah that’s complete bull, same happened to me. I knew it was BoC when I couldn’t get the page to load at all anymore.


Woohoo! Order confirmed for 3. My first ever BOC!


GET SOME NEW SERVERS!@!@#()&@)#_$&#@!!


I can’t beleive i lost sleep to watch a web page load and then tell me to go shove it!


talk about hubris. i had never ordered BOC before but i had read the “order 3” thing but i didn’t see that option, so i got in, but then i went back to see if i could have specified 3, and then it was too late. in the end, i’m probably better off…?


Damn you WooT!! my first chance for the infamous 'Bag ‘O Crap’ got to the order page, but was shut out… so close…