Random Crap



Sweet! Two BOC in a week!


Wow, that was fast!


how did i miss this??>>


Last time I got a bag of crap there was a pencil in it. I stabbed myself with it so I’m scarred for life.


Dang that was fast


Wow, that was fast!


A server error and my CC security code later and I’m a click too late… DAMN!


My god, I didn’t even have time to refresh :(!


That was too fast…sheesh

I seriously just went as fast as I could…and still no BOC. Sad times…atleast I got one last time.


Oh man, I go to take a crap… and miss the bag of crap! (Really, honestly, that’s exactly what happened.)


a COMPLETE Listing of all woot-off items can be found HERE site might not load the first time due to heavy traffic, so just hit refresh and it should show up.


in for 3…weeeee :stuck_out_tongue: gotta love F5 :stuck_out_tongue:


Hitting refresh every 5 seconds, hit the I want one button in under 1 sec when I saw Box Of Cats, clicked I want 3, entered security code, and clicked to complete the order in about 2 seconds, and it was sold out.

900 at the order pace would be 15.3 seconds to sell-out. I guess the web is just faster for some folks.


How the HELL are you supposed to get one of these? I’ve been waiting for a day straight, was refreshing my browser every second, have a 2.0gHz dual core processor with 2 GB or RAM and cable internet and an auto fill form filler. I hit the “I want one” button immediately when the BOC came on, auto filled the forms, and hit the buy button within probably 5 seconds: and I STILL missed it…I give up. I’m outta here…


I GOT CRAP! finally.

but no wine for me, thanks to the blasted liquor control board.


Methinks I got my three craps!



oh man, this would have been my first big old crocodile… just took me too long to hit my information is all correct… durnit…!!! so close…


consarn it! what, did they have like 3 of these Bulging Orifice Catastrophes? I was on that button, man!


anyone know how fast they sold 900 bags od crap? in the time it took me to click i want three punch in my number and click the gold button they were all gone
maybe ill be lucky and they all will be filled with ipod crap like the last one – i use my palm for mp3 playing so i will not have missed anything