Random Crap



Crap, sold out. =(


Nooo! Sold Out!


Happy Christmas to all of you!! As usual I tried very hard but couldn’t get one. Well still happy holiday!


In for 3 Random Craps. So far I am 2 for 2 in my quest for blinged out cabbage. Gracias woot.


DAMN :frowning: I also wanted a bag O’ crap.


stupid me i clicked i want one instead of i want three


same, locked out in the first minute. Ba Humbug


omg, sold out


dammit, I click on the gold button to order 3, and a few seconds later, it takes back to the sold out screen. ARGH!


I started at 12 and at 12:08 I got the “ship info” page… and I still didn’t get one :frowning:


Dang. This is my first BOC i have seen, and I see what the “server crawls into fetal position” means. That was horrible.




a mere 3000 craps. That IS crappy. Good news is, ten minutes after the sale is over, my order page finally loaded. Now I can pretend to order one.


Looks like i missed out on this one as well :frowning: …‘server too busy’


this is bull i got to the site at 1:01 and I click the freckin I want one, and I never to got the buy page, this is the third time this has happened, woot do something about your servers.


I hit “I want one” at exactly 1am, and the server just froze up. I even got to the order screen, select “I want 3,” and nothing but a white screen. You all suck.


Very pleased with my Xmas eve now.


Why oh why God? I was clicking that infernal i want one button since 1:00 and the page never loaded. Maybe next time… or maybe not.


Instead of a confirmation message, I got a server error error. No bag O Christmas for me! Guess it’s time to drown my sorrows in a bottle of Monkey Prize Wine.

Ho Ho Ho everyone.