Random Crap

shit…w asn’t paying attention pwnt = me

Uh, sold out already!

Got my 3!

Bah, In line. Damnit.

ugh i didnt get one

stupid dorm internet connection

Woo-hoo! Woo-hee!
Three craps for me!

edit: I got the Brunt of Chucknorris on my 4th try! Woot-hoo!

you’re in line, if a woot becomes available.
we’re basically sold out, but if someone ahead of you gets denied, we’ll sell it to whoever’s in line.


Craptacular, sold out instantly. Rats


I’m in line

AAARRGGGHH! That’s 0 for 3! :frowning:

missed it by that much…damn you woot…get better servers

My 4th Woot off…still no bucket of carp.


tried to buy, said sold out :frowning:

NO!!! I was so close!

sold out in 3 minutes! When I hit the LARGE order button, it said sorry sold out!!!

Holy b@g of cr@p batman. I blinked and it was gone. I just found out woot won’t let you say “b a g o f c r a p” it ends up looking like this when they reformat. - “Bag Of Crap” who wants cabbage anyways? I want a b@g of cr@p.

in line. That fast the fastest crap I ever saw…