Random Crap


This is my IP. I just read the message. Sorry for the delay


Completely agree, have done so myself a few times (because I was on a slow connection, etc.).

Now my question is: what’s up with people ordering TWO? Because that takes just as much time as ordering three. Maybe they hit “I wan two” accidentally? It baffles me.

Likely they hit I want 3… and then clicked in the same spot again which would then have been “I want 2”.

They had happy clicking fingers.

Just making sure I post in, in the event it’s needed.

When I tried to get my first BOC, the “I want three” button wasn’t there - or wasn’t visible. But the two was - so in my frenzy, I clicked whatever I could. Likely the ‘three’ would have been there if I moused over the spot - but I was too frantic about time.

I’m aware. I click the link in the e-mail and it gives me the error in nice red letters. Hopefully it will be in their system by Monday. It was sent by crappost btw.

I’m still in the same boat, the error message is:

“Sorry, no parcels matched your tracking numbers. Please verify the entered tracking numbers and customer id are correct.”

nah, it’s some Senior Airman’s appreciation plaque from MacDill AFB, Fla.


Hit refresh all day
Clicked buy on BOC4
Already bought it

Friday was last word
Snapster, where have you gone to?
Crappy update soon?

He can’t talk right now
His B 0 C came Friday
He got sparkle wands


This happened to me with my woot monkeys and the tracking info showed up a few days later :slight_smile:

Got denied on 4
I Thought that all hope was lost
Snapster FTW!

I got an email!
aspiring crap buyer
maybe I’ll get one!

at least they are trying to remedy…thats all I wanted:)
Here’s IP

sorry for the delay, this is my IP snapster

This is a new twist.
You must haiku to get crap.
This is my entry.

Random haiku crap:
bag of crap
I want some WTF!

They all say some generic weight. Usually it’s 3 or 5.

I won’t make haiku’s. They are degrading and dumb. Now can we move on? :slight_smile:

hahahaha :slight_smile:

Here’s one of my IPs.

Here’s my 2nd IP.