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word! I want one too! lol

Hi Basenji person :smiley:

jahutcherson wrote:
Damn. I’m almost anxious. About someone else’s loot. How sad is that.

Me 3… and all the other thousands of silent watchers around here!!!

And I’ll admit: I’m not “almost” anxious, I’m full on super duper anxious, excited, and thrilled to see what the Golden Ticket Winners get!!!

It’s an F5 experience of a whole different flavor!

I think he’s pretty safe. I worked at a FedEx Ground facility for all of 4 days (graves, ugh) and all employees have to enter and exit through a little guard shack where they actually wand you down with a metal detector when you leave to ensure no thievery. To their credit, they seem to take the whole “stealing packages” thing pretty seriously. I’m guessing people whose stuff gets taken before they receive it happens at USPS and not FedEx.

same here. not much of a hip hop enthusiast but I’ll be damned if Dave Chappelle didnt strike gold with that one.

I would love to get in on a Simpsons bottle opener too!!!

Since I’m sitting here anxiously listening for the sounds of a FedEx delivery truck, I’ll entertain you guys with this, our wardrobe for our ‘Welcoming the Woot.Gods party’.

Frax: http://shirt.woot.com/blog/viewentry.aspx?id=8745

Me: http://shirt.woot.com/blog/viewentry.aspx?id=7326

The five year old: http://shirt.woot.com/blog/viewentry.aspx?id=11883

The baby: http://www.earthsbest.com/products/product/2392390001

the baby is wearing whole grain rice???

the baby is wearing cereal? lol

make them honk the horn when they leave so as they drive away we hear TOOOOOOOT TOOOOOOOOOOT aka HOOOOOOONK HOOOOOOONK.

i think the baby might have been slightly messy when fed this am. just a theory.

I second that…

kinda what I was figuring lol

Well, Frax was feeding him as I was typing, but yes. Have you ever tried to feed a six month old? =D

(fidgeting) are we there yet??

frax’s wife (oddlyjen) what is frax doing holding a baby tell him to put him down and call fedex have them patch him into the drivers phone so he can say “WHERE ARE YOU!!”

Don’t make me turn this car around SMACK =]

I came across this gif and find it hilarious given the recent uproar over those stupid vuzuzela horns lol

just thought Id share lol



it’s like a two dollar didgeridoo