Random Crap

Got one! This makes my 5th one… THANK YOU WOOT!!!

your order is in.
you’re all set now.


IT just sat there loading and loading after i hit the gold button…why woot? why?

Got my first BOC! Very excited! Send me a laptop or TV!!!

The order page says my order is processing, it appears somewhat stuck. I just got a confirmation email though… I assume I’m good? If so, YAY!

A new bag of Crap for my new colour I do believe… Yeah!


Yes!!! I got in!!! I got crap!!!

Yay! I got one! It’s a miracle! Hoping it’s something that doesn’t make me feel guilty when I throw it away.

I got the email receipt but not the confirmation page; I guess I’m good! My 1st ever!

“your order is processing…”

gotta assume I didn’t get it. That’s what I get for working and not paying attention to Woot. Dooohhhhh

Oh well… processing… processing… processing… processing… FAILURE

your order is NOT in.
possible problems with your order:

* Order denied.
* We don't have enough quantity to complete your order.

Joyous… as usual. Why do I even try

Way to go Woot! staff.
Servers didn’t crash at all until after I got the prize. Never had to hit refresh!

I got Random Crap! Thank you woot gods! Third times the charm for extra special crap!

sweet, just landed my first one

  1. So much for this one.

I finally got my Bag of Crap. I have been trying for years!

My order is in!! :slight_smile:

Well, phooey. I was checking out the kids’ report cards and missed the crapping. Maybe next time.

First BOC! Thanks Woot!