Random Crap

Got one! WOOT!


YES! First Bag of Crap! I randomly refreshed and it came right up, can’t believe it!

score!!! my 6th Bag of Crap!! Can’t wait til it gets here :slight_smile:

I’m still shaking… I swear it’s an addiction…

My second box of crayons in a month! Thanks Woot!

Same here… front page would load, click on I want one, then bam, delayed timeout!

Yes!! Finally!

I’ve broken a year+ long dry spell! For the past year I haven’t even been able to get off the initial order page, but today it went right through. Never give up hope!

Thanks, Woot!

Boggy Old Creature number three!

YES!!! Got some crap!

Finally Scored… YESSSS!!!

google product search: bag of crap - Google Shopping

looks like a good deal.

Dang it, clicked on the stupidly large button and then was brought back to the main Woot page. Closest I’ve ever gotten!

Next time, B.0.C., next time!

whoo hoo got some

We have a 150 MBPS line here. Both up and down. It’s quite nice.

Wow! I got one! I can hardly believe it!


Hang hang hang…I guess it’s all in the reflexes, but I have been able to get 2 of these in the past, but it seems like they system locks up faster now. Maybe more bots? Or just rusty clicking skills? who knows.
This would make for an interesting study to determine the exact science of winning a B.OC…

Oh well, next time.

First Bandolier of Carrots! Woooohoooo!
Thanks Woot!

I tried so hard and failed, they were only halfway gone when I hit Buy, but then the endless 503 errors, XML errors, and failed connections started and denied my attempts to purchase. :smiley:

Woohoo! First time in quite a while I got in on a Woot-Off Bag of Cra****p!

There is great joy in Alfheim!

Finally after 5+ years and many close calls/error messages, I GOT A BAG OF CRAP. My life is fulfilled…