Random Crap

THAT is freakin’ awesome…

I have bunches of monkeys. I try to snag 6 each time they are offered - Hubby 3 and me 3. Gonna to decorate with monkeys come December!

Now there’s a holiday theme I’ve never seen.

man why are you following me!!!LOL

my awesome postman left a trucking note and now i have to go to the damn post office or wait til friday for my BoC!!!

i call shennanegins!!!

This is freakin cool as hell…hey threepiecewoot send me a box of cash please i will frame it!!!

i hope that works as well for me as it did jesus!!!

‘he’? Seriously? I am a she! My picture is right there! :slight_smile: Should I be offended that it is that hard to tell? :wink:

Jesus got cash from woot?

You need to delete his ass from your sig.

Kinda like you dropped me.


How can Jeus hang that letter on his wall? It belongs in the Smithsonian.

Hell he got a letter just for asking so might as well go for it.


My 6.4 lb (14.5 x 10.6 x 8.7) box of cats was standard:
3 calendars
2 clocks
1 POTC bag and
1 Monkey

Calendars already went as party favors for my husband’s birthday and one of the clocks has gone to feature in a Purdue class this fall (subject will be time management I think) - that should get their attention. The other clock will be mailed to Italy for my cousin who actually likes HSM (and shipping will no doubt be more than the whole BOC!).
But what I really want to know is
Where does Woot get their cardboard???
My cats cannot get enough.
Soaked in milk maybe?

Please don’t take offense. You photo is really tiny on my hi-res monitor - I had to click on it to see that you’re not only a pretty girl, but you’re doing something with your tongue that’s not generally recommended.

♫ Bow chi chi wowwow. ♪

Check it out!! Just for you Tater!!

Never had complaints before! :wink:

Since we seem to be taking turns begging for stuff from TPW, I’d like to request, should I ever get a letter apologizing for my third item not fitting in the box, that the following monkeys be included:

Leopard Print
Checkered Flag
Giant Green

That is all, thank you.

My first BoC!
3.3 lb
14.3 in. x 10.4 in. x 8.6 in.


4 bags of air
1 lunch cooler bag
1 webcam
1 Energizer rechargeable light
1 mini iPod dock speaker

That’s more like it.

Actually I don’t blame people for not wanting to be affiliated with me. I seem to draw the heat.

I would like to jump in and formally make my request of TPW.

I’d like nude pictures of Bea Arthur.


Rating in a holding pattern I guess.