Random Crap

You killed your woot monkey? :frowning: (the army of the monkey brethren across the country is letting out a screaming cry for their fallen cousin.)

My patriotic monkeys are lined up, rifles in hand, while my GITD ones are playing TAPS.

Don’t ask where the Tye-Dyed ones are…

Yeah i got a 00T monkey…It’s missing the W???

Yes, I committed Monkeyacide and I’d do it again, I tell ya. The Monkey was asking for it - did you see the way it was dressed?

At least it wasn’t a cow. They can get REALLY mad.

Cows With Guns


Why don’t you suggest one…sheesh.

I need your mom standing there with you and the boxes to verify identity.

I will also require a police officer present to verify everything else…what ever that may be.

Twitpic shows up on mine. As does facebook.

So my square changes colors.

In one city in Florida, the local nudists made it a point to spend two dollar bills in the local businesses, to show how important the nudists that frequented the local nude beach were to the local economy.

It worked. The people trying to close down the nude beach failed to do so.

I’m getting so close to changing mine!

This is wrong on so many levels Tater… I tried for years following every Woot and Woot-Off trying to get the infamous B0C (so close so many times) and I finally got my first one and IT WAS GLORIOUS… then you have to go shove it in EVERY SINGLE WOOTERS FACE that you have not one… NOT TWO… BUT MULTIPLE bags of craps that just sit there oh so lonely and unopened…

Words cannot describe the horror and rage sir…

Did he actually say they were Bags of Crap? I just he said they were Woot boxes.

Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Last I heard no one would talk to the authorities. Guy who was shot was found, treated and released.

Oye. These are not bags of crap… those get opened before I make it in the house.

This is just other random crap.

My last attempt at the pic.

I finally got my first bounty. My 5.1 pound 12x12x24 inch box included:

1 Autolite SpaceGlo Utility Light
1 Saturator Motorized Water Gun
1 Justice League Aquaman Paperweight
1 Black Lunch Bag

Thanks Woot! my boyfriend loves it all! Plus no calendars or HSM clocks! Bonus

Didn’t he say at least some had monkeys?

AHHH… then I do take back what I said Tater… whew… you had me going in a little rage there buddy.

So do you know what’s in each box? (and no I still can’t see the pic)

Oh my lord Mr. Nuggets. You are pure evil. I love you.

In other news my very first Blithely Offered Colonoscopy appears to be out for delivery. I might just survive the hundred and one degree with high humidity, seven mile bike ride home after all.