Random Crap

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3 * Random Crap

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wow, can actually see the bar going down rather than just sellout

That was almost too easy… If this is a result of the Amazon merger, than I’m happy :slight_smile: No lag or anything. just click click buy :slight_smile:


Sweet, at long last!
And wow, what a good time to randomly refresh. :slight_smile: I actually wanted to read about the singing cds. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes! My first Bigotry Of Camels ever!
All these years of waiting have finally paid off. Please, Woot, make it a good one for me.

d’oh, didn’t change the quantity! oh well, third random crap, guess I’m still a lucky guy…


I was looking for camaro but found CARP!


Got it again! thxwoot!

Yay my order went through! :smiley:

success! That makes three to date.

Yeah baby got one!

I can’t believe it!! 2 in a row!!

I’ve had a year dry spell on these, then suddenly 2 in a row - just click, click, click, done.

What a day…

I snagged myself an Amazonian BOC - woot!!

It went through the processing pretty quick this time. Good luck to everyone still in-process!!

Woo got one!

my wootalyzer was on it within seconds, but i never made it through.
Well, congrats to those of you who get a taste of full Amazonian fishes.
If anybody gets a working radar detector AND one of those aerobed camp mats in their bag, just please don’t tell me about it.

Damn, I was so close, it just kept trying to process then it said it was sold out…

congrats to those who got it.


Come on, come on, …

ORDER # 30998xxx

You want 1
Random Crap
You ordered 3 Random Crap

Snag! Got me an Amazon BOC!

That sold out amazingly fast. And the servers didn’t even seem to crash.

I did forget to use my $5 coupon in the rush… oh well. Least I got it!

My laptop didn’t make it through to the order page.

My phone did (yay T-mobile!), but of course it was sold out.

Oh well, who wants crap anyway.