Random Crap

Scored! Big screen TV is hopefully on the way! :wink:

Thats two in a row for me!!! on a roll!

Awwwww, server too crappy.

got it yes!!

I THINK I got one. After clicking the ridiculously large button, it went back to the main page, but Blue Oyster Cult shows up under my account.

Yay! Bandolier of Carrots!

This might just have been my turn for the mighty BOC… But I forgot my password the first time around. “Aw, snap” indeed…

Interesting. That was very easy to snag. No server crash, I suppose a result of the Amazon merger. Still, only roughly 3000 bags sold, which I think is about the usual number, right? So still a competition.

SERENDIPITY!!! Oh, yeah I got it for the low, low price of 3 dollars. Thanks for the free shipping :wink: Course, maybe it’s a high price…for crap.

Well finally was processing and then comes back and says something is wrong in my info…nothing was but it caused me to lose my BOC. Bah!

In for one, hell yes.

yeah! first bandoleer of carrots after trying for 4 years!!!



My very first BoC… I’m not longer a virgin!!

(I just wish the bleeding would stop)

So, being under the amazon mega umbrella STILL has BOC’s bring the servers to their knees?

Ah well… lagtastic! Got the order page up, finally, but SOLD OUT!

Congrats to those that got it.

My first time actually getting to the processing page for a bag of crap…still got nothing. Well, I guess I still have my $3!

Another swing and a miss. Oh, well.

I’m happy to report that I successfully crapped today!

Wow, it looks like I actually got one. Now I’m wondering if that’s a good thing. I’m such a sheep! :wink:

WOO HOO! In for One Big Box of Amazonian Crapiness!

I must be dreaming:)