Random Crap

Woot! Got it! First Amazonian Bags of Carp? Hoping for a Macaw or maybe even a Machete!

That went through quick. 3 for 3 on last BOCs :slight_smile:

This is probably the 5th time I have actually been on woot when the BOC has come up and have yet to score one. Seems like those that already have gotten one should be locked out until those of us that haven’t do. I don’t use bots or any other tech help so it seems like I am doomed…

yeah! first bandoleer of carrots after trying for 4 years!!!

wooooohooo! gots me some grizzle. Thank you woot, its been a while.


got one… got one… :slight_smile: with the SERENDIPITY code… for… it was just $3.00! :slight_smile:

Bingo!! A winner!! Add a bucket-o-carp to the list!

Well, that wasn’t anywhere near as stressful as it usually is. The “first Amazonian” bag of crap, huh? Wonder if some of us will get some old Kindles? I have a new one on pre-order, but hey, two are nicer than one! Hopefully, having Amazon on board this time, we’ll all get something nice :slight_smile:

wooooohooo! gots me some grizzle. Thank you woot, its been a while.

Woot needs to use a watermark for purchases.

.06 seconds for the first bag to go… C’mon!

I “Think” I got my first one. It got past the CC info screen to the “we have reserved an item for you” screen… but it doesn’t show on my account yet. Anyone have an idea how long that takes to update?

WOOHOO got the bag of stuff :slight_smile:

OMG! After almost 3 years I finally got one!!!

YES!!! Finally!!! I got it!!! All the failed attempts over the years were worth it!!! Today I am a man!!! WOOT Forever!!!

Got one!

In addition to Frostbite being put on probation for their annoying post, I move that they also lose the crap and it be given to me.

Any seconds to my motion?

Wow!! First time it ever went through that easy!


your order is processing.
should just be a bit now…


YES!!! Number 7

Finally, mi first BoC!!!

I have been on for 6 of the last 7 bags and can’t once get past the order screen? What’s the dealio?

I get 50 down, so it aint my that. How is it so easy for you people?