Random Crap

I like crap, and apparently it likes me. More coming home :wink:


WOW I’m back!!! I got one for the 1st time in a LOOOOONGGGG time. Thanks Woot! I can’t wait for my Brigade of Chicks (BOC). Sorry to those who didn’t get in for it this time.

1st score!!!

Happy Hallowoot. Tricked us.

Sorry to all those that failed to get one. For once, however, I did not fail :smiley:

Hooray, I’m in! First BOC since last Christmas. I was sure I wasn’t getting one. The “You’re all set” screen didn’t come up until after it had sold out. I was sweating.

Oh, and no buttafuoco error this time :wink:

Rats! Couldn’t get one this time. Enjoy your crappy craps, crappers!

I can’t seem to click that gold button to get my BOC!!! NOOO!!

grrr sever crashed wasnt able to get one!

I can has bought crap!! YAY BOC!!!

Well, that was tragic.


Got Lucky!!

Was kind of hoping for a “quality” (cough) bag to compensate being laid off the other day. Another time, I suppose. Good luck, all, with your craps.

Oh yeah, long time lurker, first time poster, blah blah blah.

Bah, ordering kept taking me nowhere. I say up the next bag o’ crap price by a dollar and buy new servers

Got one! First in 5 1/2 years.

noo server crash now gold button to get my BOC is dead!!!

Oh sweet sweet Bag of Crap, How I have missed you so. In honor of your return to my grubby little hands, I bring you Balky Bartokumus’ Dance of Joy!