Random Crap

no email confirmation, but account page shows i scored third boc hopefully.

i was trying through the sellout on the airhorn. I think the latency from NY alone more or less disqualifies me these days. I’ve gotten BOC’s years ago but in recent times the site just never loads my page until it’s gone.

I had a a few tabs open for this one, at least two died and two went to purchase screen. Even made it to the ‘buy it’ button on both. I was very disheartened when the order screen returned due to an ‘error’, re-entered tried again…and I get this:

"There was an error placing your order. Please verify that all the fields below are correct and try again.

This sale is sold out.

Your account has already purchased this sale."

Felt bad until I read the last line…woo hoo, the woot! gods smiled on me today.
I did verify on my account page, I did get one.

BOC bag-o-crap rox!

It isn’t a denial of service attack…it’s just service.

My 1st BOC in over 2 yrs…SWEET!

If you clicked “I want one” like you clicked the submit button, it’s no wonder you didn’t get one.

SWEET!!! My first Woot-Off = My first BOC!!! I’m bummed for my hubs because I apparently leap frogged him and my order with our cc knocked his order out of the running.

It also sold out in just a few minutes, so I believe it’s taking that $3 purchase price per and pro-rating how much it would have been if they had been sold at that rate for an entire hour. :slight_smile:

I got in. Doing bag of crap happy dance.

B.O.C.= Blew-up Our Computers

The most unnerving aspect of this crap is that several minutes after I clicked the big gold button Chrome gave me a page not found error. I panicked and refreshed to no avail. Then I decided to check my email and there was the confirmation message for my wonka bar.

Thanks woot!

I got one! Third time this year! The only secret I can figure out is to hit the first ‘buy’ gold button with the right hand on the mouse just after you enter your security code with your left hand, while wearing hot pink nail polish.

Nobody likes a quitter.

I was in the order form twice and clicked on the gold button and it didn’t go through and then kicked me out. How depressing.

My first crap evah! HooAah!

So I made it to the order page and then the page refused to load. In fact I was unable to access any of the woot pages. Unfortunately I have yet to get my BOC.

Stop bragging, adze-wipe.

omg thank you ! two days of waiting and risking failing outta school and it was totally worth it ! my first boc !

What bull cant believe went through the entire order process and it still wouldnt let me get one every F***** time ive been waiting to get a bag and yet again to no avail… I think woot needs to get their crap together. Gold button my ass still would let me have one…

Last woot off my power went out due to a storm, I grab my cell and BAM BOC