Random Crap

Book of Credit for me! Thanks Woot :slight_smile:

Not even close this time.

If the effect on the Woot! servers is any indication, this must be some really powerful crap!

Glad I got mine!

Well I had to go to the dentist and I knew that’s when this would come up.

No big, looks like it crashed the servers like usual.

Although I won one of these about a year ago, it’s just not worth the anxiety and frustration to try and get this.

Woo hoo!
That’s 2 in just under a month.
And fifth bag of crap for this wooter!

My first ever after trying over a year and a half now!

Woo Hooooo!! Well, that sucked.

Man, fastest I ever got through on a BOC ever!.

Also, this is my first ever Turkey for the random bag.

Got in for 1 even after having a kickback due to some error. Sweet!

w00t!! - fourth Basket of Caribbeans for me!! bring on the Fonzie dolls!!

Major fail! Did Woot get their servers from bags of random crap?! Grrrrr…


There was an error placing your order. Please verify that all the fields below are correct and try again.

Good job servers!

first ever box of cthulhu, this made my day.

Two for Thursday!!! AWESOME!

sooo glad I waited 2 days for the bag of crap & the server overloaded! UGH woot. Not cool.

Thanks Woot! for offering the BOC.
The excitement is in the waiting.
No matter how long it takes to get here.
Always hoping for the big one, but happy just being one of the lucky? few.

Wow… that was the worst server crash I have personally witnessed due to the Belly of Crocodile item.
Just as I was coming home from driving the family around town.

The ANT…

haha i am the god of woot, i am now 3 for 3 on boc attempts. Bow to me, plebeians.

  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I got to the buy page right as wootalyzer alerted me it was on to the next item

  2. I love how Woot has everyone essentially DDoS their own site with the Bags of Crap

Wow! after 4 years I finally get the chance to buy one :smiley: