Random Dual-Core Windows 7 Desktops

Well, it can’t be worse than hookers and blow.

Comments/Discussion from a previous offer

Who’s the refurbisher?

Boat anchors! We’ve got boat anchors for sale! Get yer boat anchors right here!

I wouldn’t be surprised if some of it is by “Famous Maker” of monitors previously sold by Woot!

If I purchase this desktop, and leave it for my municipal garbage collector, the disposal fee will literally supercede the cost of this item. Last straw, Amazon.

You have to pay over a Benjamin just to throw away a computer?


If you want to dispose of it the environmental friendly way yes. If not just do what the majority of people do and try to stuff it in a garbage can or sell it on ebay for more than its worth. But essentially all electronics should probably be sent to an e-recycle center.

I purchased refurbished laptop from woot on Jan 2015. Today, I just realized the power cord is underweight (111g). I cut it off and I can tell it’s horrible.



Perhaps more people would be interested in what the computer looked like than in the underweight power cord…nice pic.

That power cord is come with either one of them.



normal power cord vs crappy power cord


Thanks for the heads-up on the cheap power cords.

So your gripe is about a power cord that you can get for $5 at Radio Shack? Is the computer any good?

Wi-Fi? Does not say if it has worthless without it.

I went for one of these maybe six months ago. Spent 20 for a new wifi card and 59 for 4gb. crucial new memory. has not been turned off for six months or so. It is an HP.

You can purchase three 8 lb. danforth style anchors for less money brandy new.And they will work as sold.

In my area, I can take computers, old tv’s etc. to Best Buy. They recycle at no charge. Just destroy the hard drive first. I don’t trust any recycled hard drive unless it has been recycled by a large mallot.

You have a radio shack near you? seriously, I’ve got spares of power cords just from previous computers, etc. o.k. I’ll admit it, I tend to cling to old stuff too long.