Random Dual-Core Windows 7 Pro Desktops

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Random Dual-Core Windows 7 Pro Desktops
Price: $119.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. (Friday, Sep 08 to Wednesday, Sep 13) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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This may be the worst WOOT ever! Laptop maybe, but desktop haha good luck with this!

Just say no, people.

I don’t suppose it’s not possible to transfer the O/S to another computer. The Win7 Pro would cost about the same price or more.

I get all my windows from kinguin and you should too.

Ok, this is crap but you lower the price to $40 then BOOM you can have a computer to connect to a TV in you house for email, Twitter, FB online shopping and maybe some shitty low rez games.

Lets see here…

  • Per Intel, these are Sandy Bridge processors launched in 2011 and discontinued in 2013.
  • Passmark gives it a average CPU mark of 3666
  • CPU Boss gives it a 7.2
  • CPU World

Be aware that Windows 7 is in extended support which ends in 2020.

My thoughts are that if I get one of these boat anchors, I would have to at least upgrade the memory so that there is less memory swapping to the hard drive. Not to mention change the hard drive out to a SSD. Not worth it.

I’m also not a fan of the i3s. Prefer the i5s or i7s.

Dude, all you need is the key. Google and get the download right from Windows. Save the sticker and throw away the computer! WIN! well I mean recycle it.

Sooooo WOOT… Will you sell me 3 for $120 + tax & $5 shipping?

Let me know… Been a looooong time since I’ve sent you any money

HMMM boat anchor never thought of that idea. Perhaps this is not such a bad buy after all.

Woot kind of sucks these days.

Agree with the other posters - this is not a deal in any way shape or form. While the dual-core processors have some life left in them, you need an SSD to make them worth using, and that adds at least $50 to the cost of these.

Also, be careful of being able to transfer the Windows license key, because most of these will come with a REFURBISHED key, meaning you need the REFURBISHED installation DVD to be able to use the key.

For this same price, you can easily find Win10 machines on sale at NewEgg and Amazon, then all you need to do is swap the SSD.

My recommendation is to not count on using the OS or this hardware for anything useful without adding on some expenses.

Did someone at woot party too much on Labor Day and failed to price these correctly?

So I actually clicked on this to say “Who the hell would buy this garbage?”

Sigh. I miss the days when Woot wasn’t just amazon’s site to offload crap that nobody in their right mind would buy.



Don’t worry… if you want to relive Woot’s glory days… get one of these and go to https://archive.org/web/

There are many good deals you can go back and see if you go back a few years! This computer o’ crap can load that website! AND you get a copy of Windows 7 Pro free with purchase of expensive scrap metal!

Would this offer be any good for a 70 yr. old lady to check her email and for writing letters once in a while? She just can’t understand Windows 10. Or would she be better off throwing $119.00 in the river?

Get her a Chromebook laptop. Seriously. The age part is not it. Some people just can’t or won’t learn file management and it all seems like a black hole to them.

A Kindle fire and a keyboard set up to work with it might do as well.

Or look into putting on the “Endless OS” operating system which is a severely dumbed down Linux with a selection of apps. You can even dual-boot it if you want. Or expect non-stop help calls forever. Your choice.

(My local Pawn America has similar units with keyboards, mice and monitors for $69.95 with a 2 week return policy.)

[I wrote books on using DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Going Online and using digital cameras. I know these people very well. I also know happy PC users who are 98.]

It would make more sense to get her a Chromebook/Chromebox.