Random Goodies Under $10

Have you unlocked free shipping today? :slight_smile:

I know everyone at woot was giggling when they posted that one…

Love those elegant plush baby blankets —pink or blue. Have bought these repeatedly on Woot and they have always made wonderful gifts. Super, super high quality and the fabric is AMAZING! So soft, so cuddly! In for another 3 and can’t beat the price!!!

HAH! I know I giggled when I saw it! I want to buy it just to embarrass my sister…

The description of the SIGG bottle tops is confusing me.

Bottom line question that I need answered: will it fit my SIGG bottle (1 L) with an opening like this??

The bit that has me confused is where it says the “Top fits all sizes of SIGG reusable bottles (but dust caps only fit hinged SIGG kids tops)

OK, the 4th burner pot, while it is a GREAT aluminum pot, it just happens to be made out of;


And, it IS non stick.

However, it is NOT Stainless Steel!

IT WILL NOT work, on an induction burner. PERIOD! Why, because it’s non-stick ALUMINUM.

(Yes, this is the 5th time I’ve posted this info, and others have posted it, too. But Woot! STILL calls these STAINLESS STEEL. THEY’RE ALUMINUM, or ALUMINIUM for you Brits.)

Oh, you’ll NEVER find a non-stick stainless steel pot. (Except here, but these are ALUMINUM.)

Does ANYONE read this stuff? TT?


Well, I do but I guess that is not to whom you are speaking. I do appreciate the information – I would have been interested if it was not non-stick. It looks as though it would be a handy pot to have.

Yes, I have told them. The problem is that our sample is long gone and we have no way to confirm it. What we have is from the vendor. :frowning:

OMG! An EXTREME HDTV cleaning kit!!!1!!

The 4th Burner pot says it is great for steaming vegetables, but I see a small deep fryer and basket for making single servings of french fries.

I’m waiting for woot support to get back to me. . .In the meantime, I’m a new woot customer and would LOVE to know how to put more than one item on a single order. Any help? Thank you!

Hi there,
What you’re referring to is generally called a shopping cart. Fortunately or unfortunately (your opinion may vary), woot doesn’t offer this feature. However, if you’re worried about shipping stacking up, one $5 charge covers standard shipping on all your Woot orders within the same calendar day!

You heard us right. After you pay the initial $5 standard shipping charge on your first Woot order of the day, everything else you buy before midnight Central time gets free standard shipping.

Hope that helps you out a bit!

TT, if your vendor is giving you bad info, should you REALLY be dealing with them? (Or, if they can’t verify, the same applies.)

Ask the vendor, or ask your shippers to tell you what you’re selling. Shouldn’t be that difficult.

Or, you could ALWAYS look at the picture you are using. A non-stick surface will be black or dark grey. A stainless steel surface should be shiny.

I just looked at the picture you’re using. The lid is glass, with a stainless steel ring. (That’s what stainless looks like, for your info.) The inside of the pot is black.

You might want to tell “the powers that be,” that the picture and write-up don’t match.

Like I said before, a LOT of stainless WILL work with an induction burner. Aluminum, won’t, unless it isn’t all aluminum, and has an iron (alloy) disc in the bottom.


And a lot of aluminum does have a steel disc in the bottom, to spread the heat. The rings on an electric burner or the flames on a gas burner show up as hot spots inside an aluminum pan unless it is very thick or has a heat spreader (or both).

A lot have them, but not all. If the bottom is not built up extra thick, it almost certainly does not have such a heat spreader. But if it is built up, you don’t know if it is thick aluminum, or has a core of copper or of steel.

Use a strong magnet on the bottom of the pan. If it sticks, it has steel. If it doesn’t stick, or if you can control a paperclip inside the pan with the magnet outside, no steel.

On your “no steel” pans you can use an “induction disc” (a disc of steel with a handle, kind of like a small griddle) between the induction burner and your aluminum (or copper or glass) pot. They work, but it seems never all that great.

These should fit your Sigg bottles fine. I went to the link you posted. Here is a long explaination why. :slight_smile:

We have a bunch of these here, both the bottles and the tops. We have all sizes of Sigg bottles. The tops will fit any sized Sigg bottle (the rings at the top of the Sigg bottles are the same diameter) but Sigg sells an Adult (or Active top as they are referred to on the Sigg website) and a Kids top that have some small differences, one being how the lid attaches to the top itself but this does not affect function. So if you buy a Sigg bottle that holds more liquid that came with a drinking top, it would probably come with the Adult/Active top and if you bought one of the Sigg bottles with the cute animals on it that holds less liquid, the drinking top sold with would be the kids style top. I haven’t found an advantage to one over another. The adult/active one is more of a twist and pop and the kids is more of just a twist to open. Both work well with out problems.

Really you can use either style top with and Adult sized bottle or a Kids sized bottle but they are saying that if you wanted to remove the hinged lid portion of the top they are selling, it will only fit on the Kids style top, not the Adult/active style top. Does that make sense?

But the photo they show with this shows both the Adult/active style tops and the kids style tops (the Kids style are the white on the left, the yellow and the blue, the rest are the Active style). Does Woot choose which you get and are letting you know if you get a Kids one, you can’t put the lid on the Active one or are they just sending everyone the Kids style top since that is what is mentioned in the info about the hinged lid but accidentally took photos of the Active top? This is the confusing part of the description. Either way, the Active or the Kids top will fit the bottle you have. :slight_smile:

Personally, I can’t get enough of these so I bought the max of 3. These usually sell for around $5-$6 on Amazon & that is the best price I’ve found. My kids use these for school and the lids break when abused so we are always in the market for more.

Rats! I missed the farm animals hangers. I don’t think my brother & sister in law would appreciate the monster theme for little nephew & niece. :frowning:
Alas! what to get for Christmas?

Yes, but this is lacking the “induction disc.”

But Woot! doesn’t explain that.

Or, answer my repeated post on the subject.

Buyer beware!

That being said, the 4th burner pot IS a GOOD purchase. Just know what you’re getting.


The Amazon description says “8/10 stainless steel and aluminum sandwich base for optimum heat distribution, suitable for cooking on all stovetops including induction stoves.”

Is that different from an “induction” disc?

Have you (or anyone) tried this pot on an induction stove to see if it works?

Is the can opener the Kuhn opener that creates a not cut lid when opening cans?