Random gristle

In for one (three)!

Taking tooooo long at the “I want one!”

Did I get one? I don’t know!

so far looking good…would be 2 in a row

so close, and yet, so far


I kept getting:

Your Order is Invalid. (code: buttafuoco)

What the hell?

Is it impossible to get a BOC?

3 times seeing the button, clicking the button, and failing.



Missed for the 100th time i think.


Damn! Too slow.

noooooooooo! i didnt get it

MISSED THE BANDOLEER OD CARROTS AGAIN!!! Woot needz more servers! lol

Your order is invalid (code: buttafuoco) ???

no love


Good, finally. That took forever. Woot-killer for sure.

GRRRRRRRRRRR This is what I get for going to take a random cr4p

noooo. that was way too short.

no reason for me to watch this anymore.