Random gristle

Got one!

Also, I dont think I ever posted what I got from the January one. Please forgive me Woot Gods!

Here are the contents from January:

1 Texas Holdem Set
1 Picnic Basket
1 Mix Max Plus Disney Pirates video player
1 Puzzle Worx toy (it’s like a transformer that you build)
1 Invisio G5 Bluetooth headset

If I get half of what I got last time this go around, I will be happy! Thanks again woot gods, and I promise not to withold the pictures any longer!

Woot needs to do something. In the 1 1/2 years I’ve been a member, I have notice a change in the difficulty to win a b()c. I do believe there are bots. I also believe this site has become very popular and the number of ppl trying to get carp has greatly increased making it hard to get one. Woot is losing me due to these facts. I’m hoping they will make a change in the way B()C are purchased. The christmas idea was awesome and you can feel it ran better without the bots. I’ve won 5 B()C total, but failed last 5-6 times. Total shutdown due to something. Please woot gods, makes some changes to help the masses. The Christmas link was AWESOME. DO THAT EVERY TIME for B()Cs. Even though I didnt win it on christmas, you could see your servers were not locking up due to “BOTS” or whatever it is out there that is going on.
Don’t want to stop caring about the woot-offs, but its getting pointless. And I have bought many items n love the site for the random gear, but the B()C is losing its luster.

Wow - actually managed to snag a baggie over the airline wireless.

It’s been a while since I’ve tried for one, but when it first sold out, it said total woots were 2024, and now it’s showing only 1500. Is that normal?

Very happy any time I’ve gotten one, even the crappiest crap I got had a nice camera bag that I stored until I got a nice camera to put in it for Christmas, so grats to all that got one this go around :slight_smile:

These things have become so impossible to purchase. Yes, they may be the flagship and part of the “game” here on Woot, but for the past few times its just become a joke.

Honestly, everyone who is fet up with this garbage, just google how to get an autobuyer. Because until Woot does something about it, we might as well abuse the system.

me either, 0-14 in ba-g 0-f cra-p tries

I somehow managed to get one using my iPod Touch. XD

Two things…

  1. I won the Bringer Of Catastrophe (the catastrophe is when my wife finds out I am getting a another, my 2nd, shipment of ???)
  2. I was using two computers here at work. One had wootalyzer running. Sounded an alarm but was slow opening the BUY window, while I was waiting I opened up woot on the second computer and after a couple of reloads just to see the home page i was able to click, enter code, and pray.

    The wootalyzer autobuy window was up by then and I tried to buy it there as well.
    I am 90% sure it was my first manual buy that got me in trouble with the wife. =)

I’m with you on the Christmas thing I was hitting F5 for like 20 minutes thinking that it was just a server glitch saying they were sold out instantly. By the time I actually read the description and figuered out that it was an anti bot ploy the BOC was sold out. :frowning:

Ditto what iamjohnny said. Just replace 'wife with ‘husband’. :frowning:

Haha…but I don’t care, I’m still giddy.

You’ve snagged 5 BOC’s in the past year n half, yet you’re complaining? Holy crapp.
There’s ONLY 1500 BOC’s. Tens of thousands of people, if not more, clog the Woot interwebs trying to get one. Hell, there are members who’ve been around for 5+ years that haven’t got one. You have no place to complain about getting shut out.

The thing about bots is they actually crash too sometimes. If you were to ask everyone who actually got crap I bet less than half used a bot.

Classic. Every Bizzie Ov Crizzie picture needs a cat in it.

Lots of TV’s in this woot off. I wonder if the baby of the cosmos will have one!

agreed, its a chance, 1500 for sale, probably >20,000 trying to get one. Probability states some will come away empty handed. Everyone wants one, its just a luck of the draw.

Anyone else here starting to wonder if the Woot Gods raid local business dumpsters for the BOC?

I finally snagged my very first Baggie. Without the aid of any bots mind you. Same as many of you, I couldn’t even get the page to load at first. It finally did and when I clicked big yellow it surprisingly went to the cc page pretty quickly. Needless to say, when it got through the processing page to pop my Bit o’ Crud cherry I was scarily giddy.

Just goes to show, there’s certainly on favoritism going on. With all I’ve tried to contribute (notice the silly Q.P.'s) I’ve had no luck from day one. Hell, I even missed a monkey once and there are something like 30 million of those little screaming babies!

That is the closest I have ever been to getting one. I just walked into my room after making some food, and decided I would take a look again on woot, and I got the I want one screen. Hit it, then put in my order, but forgot to add in the code for my credit card!!! I couldn’t believe how close I was! First time in a while I wasn’t refreshing all day, and also closest I have gotten.

Yep, I am one that tries and tries and tries. I have gotten close TWICE since 2005…

Not even close this time!

Oh well… Hope everyone gets good stuff!