Random hernia

wooohoo my first boc!!!

Oh yea, fast on the button today! Order Processing, fingers crossed :slight_smile:



2nd BOC!

Go a Bag of Crap. It’s my 3rd. 1st was good stuff, second was utter crap. Still Hopeful.


two in a row! YES

In for 3! … or whatever.

This is very sad… so is reading the description :confused:

So tell us about the Korean peninsula already … we’re waiting!

I WON THE CRAP! Finally =) and after so many unsuccessful attempts. Haha I proved my hubby wrong!

no dice. no crap either. oh well… if anyone needs me, I’ll be playing with my three mini-tripods.

FREAKING SWEET! My first BOC after 2 years!

Been a woot member for exactly 1 year today and finally got one!


Got one!!!

Finally got my BOC! YES!

still processing…my first ! ever!!!