Random Journal


I’d be in for one if it came with the fuzzy yellow question mark on the cover…

Server error

A yup, server error, can add to cart but can’t buy. Meh.

What exactly is a random journal? Do we get a filled in diary from someone at woot?

This is just so stupid. Who buys something having no clue what they’ll be getting just to save a whopping $2??

a graphed journal? i guess that would be for like, engineers or designers?

also the features tab contradicts itself. it says it will be blank, lined, or graphed, and then below says that it will be 150 Pages; Unlined

That would be potentially amazing and I would buy 9.

I think it is more for fun/jokes. Its what makes woot unique.

I know, it should be $5, tops.

Well, since the server appears to not let anyone actually buy these, we’re all being protected from an impulse buy on this one.

We give a shirt about you? Is that a clue?