Random KAI and Shun

What a P.O.S.title…

Random Shun…T-SHIRTS?

Must suck to be a Woot writer anymore, and have to hang your integrity at the door before you enter the office…

Just to clarify:

These are made in China.

There is absolutely no oversight to what chemicals actually end up in the paint or the knives. I wouldn’t let these touch my food, that’s for sure. Cheap Chinese crap; sh_ame on you woot.

Seconded for POS title. Very misleading.

So, buy the cheap knives, wear the Shun shirt, hope no one looks too closely, is that the idea?

Also very sketchy when they name the nigiri molds as nagiri instead…

Yes and they are also more expensive than the knives.

That’s not how quality assurance works; China is a country, not a company.

i have quite a few of the pure komachi knives and i use at least one every day. i probably use the scalloped sandwich knife and the large chef’s knife the most, which aren’t featured in this sale, but i do have the cheese, citrus, and tomato knives and use them pretty frequently too. (full disclosure: mine are just plain colored - no fancy photo prints.)

had mine awhile and bought them after using my roommate’s for a couple years.

also bought a set of “core” brand knives off groupon awhile back as i needed something to tide me over in the kitchen after a house fire destroyed almost everything we owned. they are supposed to be similar but they aren’t very sharp and feel really lightweight and chintzy compared to the komachi. actually went back to the apartment and dug a few of my komachi knives out of our ashtray of a kitchen, cleaned them up and went back to using those. they still work great.

not saying they’re the best knives you can own, but they hold up great, get the job done and look cool too.

woops, i see the chef’s knife was on here, actually. i have the paring knife as well.

was going to grab the steak knives but they’re $13…plus shipping. on amazon they go for $16 and i can get them shipped for free in two days because we have prime. just FYI.