Random Kids' 3-Pack

So, is this a random “Back To School” Themed pack?
It’s kind of worded that way on the header page?
My children don’t like any of those shown but 1. (I think they’re wonderfully silly, but they think they’re too old for silly").

I’m sure I’m not the first to say this, but does anyone else think woot should make blurry question mark shirts? They’re kind of an icon now; it would be funny to get a real one.

We’ve sold them in the past.

It’s Back to School week on Woot. These are random kids tees.



Are they unisex shirts?

They function adequately on a 4 year old girl, so…

Buy these because you know it’s every kid’s nightmare to go to school in their underwear.

Last time I ordered this. I received the same exact shirt in 9 different colors AND it wasn’t even a Woot design shirt.

Contact support and send that crap back. That ain’t right.

Anyone have a free shipping coupon I could use?

I placed an order for this and have not received it yet. I submitted an email to customer service last week, but haven’t received a response. I sent another email today, but figured I would post something here too to try and make sure the issue gets addressed.

Looks like it got returned to us for some reason. I’ll check in with CS.

In the meantime, make sure you check your spam folders. CS responses will go to the email on your woot account.