Random Kitchen Closeouts

Is the model number of the fryer correct?

It’s the same number from previous sales. Sometimes a manufacturer will create a new model for a retailer that’s pretty much like an existing model. It’s possible this was special made for another retailer.

If you’re reading this, you probably know better anyway, but just in case: If you’re slicing an onion (or anything else), never, ever hold it like the disembodied hand is doing in the main picture. There’s lots of information online about how to do it properly.

It’s “Santoku.”

Ooooh, good catch. Fixed.

That oil is fantastic stuff. Use it on my cutting boards and my wooden kitchen island. Keep it in a plastic bag if you get it, I’ve spilled mine more than once and it’s hard to clean up especially if you refuse to do any house work.

The juice extractor is a piece of garbage-it arrived late and after I used it and found that it didn’t do it’s job of extracting juice but send out big chunks of fruit and even whole pieces into the pulp bin instead of getting the juice out I sent an email to customer support and they’re telling me too much time has elapsed.