Random Marvel Comics – 10 Pack

But twelve year olds don’t have credit cards, Woot!..

Seven-Eleven used to carry these on their magazine racks, but they were so popular with shoplifters that they now only carry them behind the counter in a brown paper wrapper. A cherry Slurpee costs a buck extra.

I’m trying to think what else you could do with these besides read them. I can think of some art projects these would be good for…

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Random Marvel Comics � 10 Pack
$0.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Unbagged, Unboarded, Unloved

Product List:

  • 10 Assorted Marvel Comics

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Interesting. Maybe they will throw one of these in:

Just sold for $2,500.

Ha…this brings me back to my childhood and rummaging through the quarter bins. Yes, absolutely, in for three. Hopefully I’ll get some Power Man/Iron Fist sent my way.

im not a comic fan but i know a possible investment when i see one. can anyone tell me if these are worth while?

Maybe they can fill out an on-line application for the Woot Visa card!

This is cool! In for three… which means 30 comics!

yes, worth a few pennies! lol…

guess woot needs to make their house payments. three it shall be

Not worth more than $6 but worth it to have 30 minutes of decent toilet reading, fo sho!

The list of possible comics is at the bottom of the description. Sorry to bum you out.

But then again, those Woot employees are crazy sometimes.

I guess Marvel Comics are popular. Most stuff pertaining to it gets pretty good reviews on Amazon…

… plus, I thought that third X-Men movie was underrated.

I was considering getting it for my 8 yo nephew, but these are all odd issues from obscure story lines - he’d never know the whole stories.

mmm, you bought the random calenders too. You like surprises don’t you?

I think they will sell a bundle of these though

30 comics for 8 bucks, what are thes odds of getting the same comics more than once?

Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

Unbagged, Unboarded, Unloved Random Marvel Comics a 10 Pack, for $0.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 10x Assorted Marvel Comics

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its tuesday is it 2 -10 packs for 99 cents ?