Random Printed 2-Pack

Woot you did it again! In for 1 set. My Closet will be nothing but Woot Shirts eventually!

I’m right there with you. I’m in for six more!

“Who knows what this is? Maybe it’s not even a shirt. Maybe it’s a pair of flamingos.”

I’m in for a pair of flamingos!

Birds of Color…

Flamingos? Cool, I could use a pair. Everyone else around here only has chickens.

Maybe they’ll wrap the flamingos in the two tee shirts! You know, to keep them from getting damaged while shipping.

In for 2 shirts for me and 2 shirts for my wife to use as night shirts. I had in my cart an expired order for 1 random at 6.66. Great bargain at only $6 each!

Hmmmmmm cant seem to press the button :frowning: it just reloads the page

i’m not able to replicate the issue; which page are you seeing?

I want the flamingos

PSA: If you get something you don’t want, and would like to trade, list it on the T-shirt Trading Center

Damn it, I just bought the blank shirts and this came up. I bought this anyway and e-mailed them about canceling the other order. Please woot, can you cancel it before it ships!!!??

Can we trade for more flamingos?

In for 2 sets because the mystery is sexy and at the least, I’ll get some shirts to wear around the house and spill food on. Thanks, Woot!

Not a bad price for shirts. Dunno though. Maybe I’m just picky, but Woot has had far too many shirt designs that I, personally, wouldn’t want to wear. It’s too diverse. If it was randomness within a theme or something, then I might be interested. /shrug Maybe I’m just not the intended audience.

Every time I try to complete my order it pauses and then says Denied :confused: Just give me two random shirts pleases…

Seems like all of the “Last Purchase” times for all of the sites are 40m+, and no bars are moving.

I have been trying for awhile now so that seems about right :confused:

I got some for my nephews, who will be 7 in 2 weeks. I am hoping for something age appropriate. I have been lurking here since the woot-off began hoping to see either the TMNT or the Rex one to go on sale.

I had that problem, but then realized that there were 3 2-packs in my cart. Of course, I couldn’t change the sizes, but maybe woot is telling me to lose some damn weight or give up (I went with the “lose some damn weight” option and ordered larges). Of course, also, I’m doing this at work in a minimized window because I shouldn’t be doing this at all, so that may have affected something too.