Random Printed 2-Pack

Should have had this tomorrow, Woot… remember Two-fer Tuesday?

Half expected randoms next weekend, but good on you, shirt.woot! for keeping randomness random.


Wait, make that four. ABF! (But given that they’re two-packs, that’s really eight, count 'em, eight random shirts. Holy cow!)

I object to the blatant sexism in the pricing. The mens, except for small and small men may as well be women or children, shirts are $12 and all the others are only $10.

Hm… I like the fit of MM better than WM, even though they’re the same size now.

OMG I’m so tempted…

Ordered the maximum allowed. Will continue to do so. Must have KRAMPUS!

Could you randomly pick any that I have brought in larger sizes that are tooooo big for me.

Luv a loyal customer (unless someone of the other sites have got good uns on. :wink: )

Alas, no tees for me this time. The first time I bought randoms I was pleasantly surprised. The second time I got two hideous shirts I wouldn’t be caught dead in. I’m always conflicted about this but not this time! (The secondary reason is I’m broke but that’s beside the point.)

Bought 1 which means I will be getting 2.

If you can’t trade the hideous shirts, then you diy 50 other things. And save money on the stuff you make from the shirts. :slight_smile:

Funny how that works. The first time I ordered random shirts I loved all three.

Every time I ordered random shirts since then they were all shirts I’d never wear ever.

I still have 8 unworn shirts sitting around that I never got around to trying to trade for.

Where can you go to trade shirts?

Here’s one place: http://www.wootstalker.com/teetrade.php

Haven’t done it myself yet because I can’t believe anyone would want a Zomney T Shirt after the election. I think I’ll turn Zomney into either yarn or an infinity scarf.

Blatant sexism? I’m pretty sure the powers that be didn’t sit around saying, “Let’s charge more for men’s shirts because boys are icky.” It probably has something to do with inventory.

It still seems kind of lame, though, to charge more for those shirts.

I used to love randoms–I’m wearing one right now, actually–but I’ve been so disappointed in most of the dailies lately, I don’t really see the point of even trying.

When you get a two pack, is each shirt unique or is two of the same random shirt?

Thank you, I was wondering what I could do with some of those t’s the girls ended up NOT liking…

And random may explain some of those shirts in the listing!

Should be 2 different.

The nature of randomness might allow for the possibility of the same design, but that is not their aim. You might also get two different sizes, but again, not according to the plan.

I was going to buy some as my first purchase were two very cute shirts but it sounds like I should not push my luck.

I bought some for my 7-year old nephews as well and while they were age appropriate, one was a bit too girly.