Random Printed Tee 2-Pack! Men's, Women's, Kids

If I bought more than one pack, would I be sure to get all different shirts?

Yeah, staff, would we be guaranteed to get different shirts?

Last time I bought a 2x2-pack (just last month) of random tees, I got four unique shirts. One was a duplicate from loooonggg ago (Angry Day), but there’s really no way they could coordinate random picks across the years; they wouldn’t be truly random, would they? I have gotten the random calendar packs before, and they sent me repeats in the same order, but that was also long ago.

I have a bad habit.

So there you have it; one buyer’s experience is a yes.

Are the kid randoms something that your average child would appreciate? Give my 4 year old girl a hamster or cat and she’ll be in hog heaven not so much with the hundred plus Doctor Who mash ups.

I’m really not big on random. Think of the chaos that brilliant marketing tool would cause in other woot-offs… worse than bags of crap.

Good deal. Great deal for me as I used my $5 coupon I got for winning RogetRay’s Word Search.
Thanks, RogetRay! Or, as I always seem to call you, Roger Tray!.

Short answer: yes, we’re working on making that fulfillment system better. If you get repeats, feel free to write into support@woot.com.

The randoms are basically left over stock when we overshot prints. It’s admittedly likely that you’ll get a Who shirt or something your kiddo won’t like, but we’ll have excess tees on designs that were already pretty popular in that particular kids sizes.

But we have a lot of Who nerds that put that on their kids, so, eesh- take your chances? Especially if you need some more wash rags.

I ordered a kid’s version that turned out pretty good (one of the two my son really liked). My eldest son is 12 and wears a 14 so I ordered a small men’s shirt…didn’t go as well. One was funny (a play on words- “get sauced” with a can of cranberry sauce)…but not something I want my 12 yr old wearing…except maybe for pjs. I wish you could specify the age to ensure it is appropriate. At the same time though, you are paying for randomness…I guess buyer beware.

summer. wardrobe. complete.
If the woot gods are listening, hopefully I get lots of black and grey shirts. Some of my favorite randos to date have been “Childish side of the moon” and “Muertocorrido”. Let the suspense begin…

Why is the random shirts listed on woot’s main page and at sellout.woot? Is there a difference?

Nope. They’re just trying to make sure this amazing deal is a visible as possible.


I counted 23 random kids’ shirts in my order history over the past four years. None have been repeats. 3 were pink, 2 were tossed into the give away box, a handful were wearable as a last resort, and the dozen or so others were very popular with my son. Have been very lucky to get Halloween, Ninja, and Star Wars themes on a consistent basis.

Just got 2 sets for both hubby and DD, got one for myself - overkill? Maybe, hope not. Have had amazing luck with random tees - did I just jinxed myself? Probably.

Anyone know when these might be shipping out?

To factor in the holiday weekend, you should see something by this coming Tuesday, June 3rd. You might also try the ‘Track by Reference’ option on UPS or FedEx’s websites, just use your order number as the Reference ID.

Anyone else having trouble with fulfillment on these. I ordered a few 2 packs on May 23rd but not all shipped. It took a couple times writing to support, but they finally shipped me my last 2 pack, but with only one shirt, not two. I have written to them three more times, about once a week. The first time I got an auto-response and case number, just like usual, but the last two times I did not even get an auto-response. No one replied to any of the last three.
Does Woot block people after they get tired of hearing from them? This does not sound like their normal customer service. Any thoughts?

Unfortunatly they may not be kid friendly, as such may contain cussword. In my case my 5 year old got a shirt that says “Orca’s are real Assholes”. They do have a version I saw on the site that says “orca’s are real A#%holes” or something. However my 5 year old didn’t even get the edited version. I am very dissapointed in woot for sending me a 6t shirt with cusswords. I wasn’t even able to determine wether or not I liked it.
I just did a preview of my comments and it looks like they replaced the cussword that was on my sons shirt to “teacher’s pet”…
It is not allowed on your site, but you are expecting a 5 year old to wear it proudly?
Still waiting on a response from customer care, I guess the 24 hour response time is a suggestion.

I finally heard back from customer support and they cannot do anything for due to the FAQ’s, buyer’s remorse, sell it or trade it.
So If you are buying this for a child please know they will send a shirt with profanity even if it is a size 5 toddler.