Random Printed Tee 2-Pack

PSA - Trade your unwanted randoms at WootStalker Trade Center

Promise you’ll send me something good.


You don’t have to trade, if you don’t buy. It’s a win / win situation.

Sprinkle “flower”?

If I ordered, say, ten, what are the odds I get duplicates?

If you purchase in the same order, they are supposed to be different. If you place multiple orders, you will probably get dupes

SADLY, I would say the odds are good…I ordered 8 shirts last time, and got 4 duplicates…Color me unhappy :frowning:

My last order of six shirts: three of one design, two of a second, and only one unique design. You take your chances.

If you order one, it’s impossible to get duplicates.

I promised myself no more randoms but now that I have dropped some weight I can order in a smaller size. In for at least one pack.

But its impossible to order just one with a two pack.

Just a friendly reminder for those that did not notice, these will not ship until 5/6.

Yes, that does make it difficult.

Given the latest shirt designs, I’d rather have the blurry question marks…

Simple spelling error it has nothing to do with anything.

It’s not me. Though my middle name means flower… Pure happenstance. Cough.

No, random shirts are like sex and pizza.
(Even if it’s bad it’s kinda good.)

True that!

I wish I could have as much faith in random anything like others in this thread… Who buys things without knowledge of what it is? LOL. If someone were to give me $5, heck, I’ll send you something random too :smiley:

if they start doing random sizes I’m out.


Uh-oh, I just bought myself a snarky write up for my next print, didn’t I? :stuck_out_tongue: