Random Printed Tee 2-Pack


Random Printed Tee 2-Pack
Price: $8
Shipping Options: $0 Standard OR $5 Standard International
Shipping Estimates: Ships on 7/8. (Wednesday, Jun 25 to Thursday, Jun 26) + transit
Condition: New


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I haven’t gotten one I really liked in a random pack since my very first random order in March 2012.

But for 4 bucks a shirt… I have to try.

I’m a sucker for random t-shirts, esp. for this price. 17 bucks for 4 shirts isn’t too shabby.

As much as I love woot tshirts, my last two random packs have been C R A P T A S T I C :frowning:

Even my bad t-shirts start conversations…so I wear them all.

WAY too many crappy shirts, to even make me want to think about ordering a random, even if they were on AA.

Ordered 12 of these. Woot hasn’t even shipped them yet :frowning:

Shame on WOOT for being slow. I can get stuff from china faster.

Glad to know I’m not the only one whose order hasn’t shipped yet.

A message about interminable shipping delays… Woot has crappy random T-shirts coming out its okole. Woot support now says no idea when they’ll ship. Woof to Woot.

Yeah, I live Hawaii. That slow boat from China should have made it this far by now.

“Shipping Estimates: Ships on 7/8”

It’s not the 8th yet.

I was going based on the fact that they said shipping speed 3-8 business days. Still hasn’t shipped yet. I told them to kiss my @$$. Last stuff I buy on woot.

Any update on shipping? Not sure I’ve ever waited this long from Woot…

Still no update for me. If there is no update by Monday I’ll ask for a refund or request a chargeback from the bank.

No sign of shipping my shirts as well… must be haggling to get the lowest shipping rate

I contacted woot yesterday… received a response that made no sense. Right before that email was a shipping confirmation… i guess they’re on the way eventhough the response said to give it a couple days…

Woot!!! shipping notice

Finally out for delivery. after 17 DAYS!!!

Shame on woot for being this slow!
I had stuff from CHINA come faster.

Got mine today. Good selection. My only issue is I ordered women’s large (expecting all on anvil) one shirt was american apparel, and if you wear women’s sizes you know the AAs are way smaller. My 14 year old daughter can probably wear it though. Between my 2 teenage girls and myself we all got new shirts and are happy with them.

I ordered 3 sets and got:
I heart math
Rhyming orange (AA shirt)
Nuclear winter
Underworld blossom
Give me another drink
Instant punk