Random Printed Tee 2-Pack

Getting the random T-shirt 2 pack is a holiday tradition in my house. I get one for my husband and one for my older son. They love the mystery.

92% left and no Men’s 2XL

Major Bummer.

Or mens Large

In for 4. Nowhere else can you get 8 shirts for $20. I buy them for my 14 year old daughter. She loves the geekery aspect and she never has the same shirt as anyone else at school.

Hoping there’s a random option for AA yet to come.

Bummer! I got a 2xl but I was waiting for the randos and hit the button early.

no large… ugh. well I got 4 shirts for my little girl.

Looks like mine should be coming in Saturday.
Anyone get theirs yet?

mine’s shipped, also due on Saturday

I know it’s random but buying kids size 8 I didn’t think I would get this

Not really appropriate for a 5 yr old.

I love woot. They are sending me a replacement. Thanks Woot!

STILL haven’t received my shirts!

Hmmm. Have you sent a note to CS yet? If not send your order number and situation to support@woot.com. Sorry you’re still shirtless.

I’m in the same boat. I ordered two sets - one mens and one womens. Tracking says they have been sitting at FedEx a few towns away since last Saturday.

Really worried that they won’t get here in time to use a stocking stuffers.

Neither Woot nor FedEx could tell me when I can expect them to arrive.

An an update from FedEx. My shirts have moved an hour North (so farther from my house), but I at least have a scheduled delivery date of 12/22. Which is a whopping 3 weeks since I placed my order. Thanks a lot FedEx.

And I can’t even say this will deter me from ordering from Woot!. I still hold out the ridiculously futile dream that I will one day receive a BOC from Woot! that contains a multitude of little plastic cats (or a real kitten, that would be cool too).

With a rebel meow, he wooted moar moar moar!