Random Printed Zip Hoodie

All of the shirts/hoodies sold out in 2 hours, and most of them showing under 200 total sales?

Given the pricing, I’m surprised it took that long!

check under the shirt yardsale ! just bought some

Yard sale? Link?

top left - Sellout - Garage Sales Woot - Shirt Garage Sale

They are randomly put on there recently

i got my random woot wear orders today, and one of my zip hoodies is just a plain turquoise. based on the title “printed zip hoodie,” i thought they would all have woot designs. did i miss something?

You got this design.

I say keep it. It’s much more wearable year-round than say an ugly sweater, y’know.

actually, it’s a true turquoise, not grass green. and it’s fine, especially for $5, but i love the surprise of getting random woot designs, and this just doesn’t count as a “design” in my book.