Random Proscan 100 Nascar Trackside Race Scanner with Noise Reducing Earmuff



No thanks. Not into Nascar.


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Random Proscan 100 Nascar Trackside Race Scanner with Noise Reducing Earmuff
$39.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Random Proscan 100 Nascar Trackside Race Scanner with Noise Reducing Earmuff


Other hillbilly prices…
SecretPrices $127.49 - 10% Coupon = $114.75

Froogle $99.99


Nascar + computer geek = universe collapsing in on itself


Yey! I have been waiting for these!!!

Are they bluetooth? Wi-Fi? X-Ray? HD?



hillbilly … I maybe but not this much



I hope I get the # 8 ones - they filter out everything but the sound of Dale Earnhardt’s ghost!


interesting to note that Best Buy sells these on their website for $169.99.



No thanks…

However, cheapest on Froogle is $99.99 .


oh boy…go fast…turn left…turn left…go fast…turn left…turn left…

I prefer WRC Racing over Nascar. Much more challenging to have to turn RIGHT once in a while.


i’ve always felt pretty strongly against the posts where people waste their time typing “worst woot ever” or “i can’t believe i stayed up for this”

but the fact that this even exists just blows my mind.



Ignoring all the other criticisms, I’m sure a Tony Stewart fan wouldn’t mind one bit having to wear a headset featuring Tiger Woods, I mean Dale Earnhardt JR, or the Rainbow Warrior. From the “featured” padding I think this is for use at the track.


Nascar??? I’m from Maine for pity sake!!! What the hell is a Nascar?


NASCAR?!! With gas at $3.00 a gallon, I don’t think we should encourage such idiotic waste as driving a car in a big circle for 500 miles. Woot, you are giving QVC a run for their money.


Will this be delivered in time for me to get it then go to the race today?

You guys should have done this one a week or two ago!


I thought is was some kind of April fools joke and had to check the calender to verify that it was July 1 and not April 1st. Ok Woot we give up, go ahead and post the real item.


BizRate Link… lowest $50

Shopzilla Link… lowest $50

MSN Shopping… lowest $50

Basically every place is the same… great woot for the nascar fan. Personally, i’m down with the World CUp and WOrld Cup only this month… for funzies… here’s a link to get some Pele Collectibles at BizRate… just cuz he’s THE man, and a bunch of Brazil Soccer stuff. Jump on the band wagon while the gettin’s good folks.


F1 fan here…no woot


This is a good woot! Ive been to the track, and the rental fees are through the roof!