Random Samsung Android Tablets

Random Samsung Android Tablets

So. We know what the minimums are what are the maximum specs?

Probably better than the budget end tab E 7". But not by much.

That …“is worth a bit more than you paid us” part is debateable.

So tempting, but how easy is it to update Android on these? Can you run the latest OS?

It depends on which tablet you get.

(On the other hand, if you wanted to install a custom ROM…)

Through the OS? Android tablets usually don’t get many updates beyond what they shipped with. However, people have been known to use workarounds and android alternatives.

Galaxy Tab 4

It says minimum 8inch and 16GB Ram.

So it can’t be the Samsung Galaxy lite 7inch

Probably it’s Tab E or Tab 4 8inch or maybe Tab 4 10inch if they ship a better expenisive model for this cheaper price

So it’s pretty much a Kindle Fire, except more expensive and without any OS updates, and running a 6 year old OS. What a deal.

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Yeah when you put it like that, I’ll stick with my $30 refurb fire - still plays Youtube and Netflix fine.

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Thought about buying, but realized the apps I use will not work on kit kats. Something to do with an update to encryption support in later Androids.

I am mad. Got this today - and the news is bad. This thing so SO OLD that nothing works. Play Store won’t load. Software cannot be upgraded. Browser does not display web pages right. YouTube - forget it!

Just sent CS a request to return because Essentially this thing is a “brick”. Will see what comes out of it. Hopefully I can return this and not waste $100+.

BTW - I got a Samsung Note 10 inch that has Android 4.1.2 (ancient) on it. That’s LESS than the minimum. I have a case for a refund …

The worst mystery item Woot has offered!

Wondering if this is posted by another mad person like me who also got a piece of “brick”?

I’m very sorry about the tablet. CS will take care of you.

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Like radar01 I just got mine. It’s an 8 year old Galaxy 8.9…worth maybe $50. I knew it was not good when I saw the charging cable. This is not a deal but rather a rip-off. I am also requesting a refund.

Have you forgotten the OMG Deals?


Got a 16g tablet with AT&T connectivity for phone. I think it’s good, but I need the better half to investigate later this week. Teddy likes it anyway…

Ha ha!