Random scaffolding: 2010 Calendar Edition – 2 Pack

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Random Crap: 2010 Calendar Edition – 2 Pack [New] - $2.99 + $5 shipping

2 * Random Imagination 2010 365 Day Tear Away Desktop Calendar

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why did i buy 3 of this crap, oh yes cause i thought it was bag of coins, and just typed in my cvv code :frowning: wootalyzer got me :frowning:

Edit: I just realized this is NOT a wall calendar NOR a software calendar .

Its some funky thing you put on your desk. Misleading title woot :(! Might have to ask for refund!

In For 3 Just for kicks

Almost had me there.

For a moment I thought it was scaffolding again!! :frowning:

Fool’d my wootalyzer but didn’t bite!

what is this woot?? i am sold.:slight_smile:

Geez, Wootalyzer freaked out on this one and popped up the buy screen thinking it was a BOC…

Looks like we’ve found a bug! :slight_smile:

Wonder how many auto-buy scripts this tricked. Nice.

where was this woot when i had 3 white elephant parties to go to! :smiley:

The “fact or crap” calenders are very funny!

Hundreds of scripts just bought 3 calendars apiece.

That’s just mean Woot! The alarm went off and I almost pooped my pants!

No wall calendars? Boo.



THAT’s PRECISELY what we talked about in last crаp thread!!!

I wonder how many just bought it!!!

wooters.us almost gave me a heart attack with the shooting sound and opening the want one page!!!

Almost fell for it!


Let’s see how many fully auto buying scripts grabbed it!!!

What the heck, I’m in for three :slight_smile:

We’ve got a family Christmas on my Dad’s side sometime in January. Guess what everyone’s getting?


great for the office geek you forgot to buy a holiday gift for! my IT guys will love these

I hope tons of bots just bought these calendars.