Random scaffolding

seriously!! if it wasn’t for that i so would have had one…

Score! Never got to Bags of Crap in a row!! I’m so excited. I knew decided that if I got a bag of crap this woot-off that I’d give it to my brother for Christmas was a good idea. The Woot! gods have smiled upon me for my generosity :slight_smile:

I got my order in and I’m on line for crap :frowning:

YAY! I just saved $8.00!

Got the wait list. Darn. Thought I got it.

What are you itchin about? you don’t want this crrap! Trust me.

Well, I’m closer than I’ve ever been, but “In Line” wasn’t were I was hoping to be.

Maybe next time… :slight_smile:

Worst past is my F5 refresh still showed the previous item, then went straight to the golf bag… the only reason I even saw it at all on a web farm server was that it was running wootsnoop and I saw it come up… click… enter code, buy it… boom… 504 til it was sold out. It is sad that a normal browser fresh didn’t even show it and I have to use something else to even get a shot.

YEAH!!! Finally got my first BOC!!

My second baby of the cosmos!! Woohoo!!

Got it!!!

flipp’n sweet!!

Wow first time I was able to see a BOC and not get it, urgh, usually my connection at work never fails me!

I just turned on my laptop and woot crapped into my lap. The God of crap has blessed me with his sacred random crap for a third time.

What is this BS…

you’re in line, if a woot becomes available.
we’re basically sold out, but if someone ahead of you gets denied, we’ll sell it to whoever’s in line.

WOOT … recode your ordering process because it stinks.

The stupid order page loaded and the PayPal/Credit card radio buttons didn’t load… so it was set to paypal, but the field below wasn’t asking me to confirm my woot password (why confirm, you know who I am) … instead it was the fields asking for CC# info … why make it soooo damn hard.

confirmed SOLD OUT was inline but now it’s over.

Is this the first time “being in line has shown up”?

Holy Rusted Metal batman, I got one! I got a bag of crap!

Another successful baeggy for me.

I’ve lost count how many I’ve had over the years. :stuck_out_tongue:

4 for to regain my black box, too

Boosh… Bring on the BOC

got the same darn message. ugh. would’ve been my fourth.