Random scaffolding

got to the end… order processing. then was told I was in line in case someone elses order is denied. Then came the famous…

Denied! SOLD OUT!

Oh woot I thought I was going to get a 2 day early birthday present. oh well maybe next time!

Put in the order and got the order is NOT in.


Made it!

I get as far as I ever have but alas…

your order is NOT in.
possible problems with your order:

* Sorry, they're all gone.

Curses to you woot Gods!!!

One of these days woot one of these days shaking fist

Well obviously you were too slow. I got one…

sad :frowning: I might have to do the same.

I got through to the processing page. Only to be told my order is NOT in. sigh Closest I’ve gotten so far. Oh well, maybe next month.



Got through lightning fast but then I hit the dreaded processing screen. Now 20 minutes later I ended up with squat. I thought I could end 2 years of suffering but the woot gods like to kick you when your down.

Had the order processing page for aboutt 10 minutes. Just got the order denied page :frowning: Damn server lag.

I GOT A BAG OF CRAP! My Co-Worker wasn’t so lucky. She got to the “Processing” page and then was told that it was Sold Out, but that she was in line to get one if someone’s CC got denied. So Sad.

Not enough people got denied. I got to order processing and then sold out. 5132 sold this time and I still did not manage to get one :frowning:

So, how long does it take to show up under your account if it said your order is processing if you really did get it?

3 years!! Countless Wootoffs! And FINALLY I get to the ‘Order is Processing’ screen and…

I’m in line because they’re sold out!!

My search for my first Random Crap goes on…

Dammit. Now it says my order is not in. Frickin 20 minutes of watching this order page refresh only to be denied in the end.

Yey, got confirmation. It went through. Happy me, thank you Woot!

on 11/19/2009, you successfully wooted.
order ########

First Barge of Confetti in a year and a half, and have been sitting at the computer for at least 7 in that span trying to fight the traffic on the internet highway.

In the meantime I buddy that works behind me got a PC and a digital camera in back to back wootoffs! Lucky bastage.

With 2 purchases this wootoff and 3 last wootoff, I paid my dues and they finally called my number after about 5 minutes of processing.

From front page to info page to big yellow button was about 5 seconds. I was amazed at the quickness, then the waiting… processing… processing… order reserved (hope I didn’t mistype the security code now)… fulfilled! BOC!

If it says processing, don’t get your hopes up. A lot of people have been processing only to get “waitlisted”… they get one if enough are canceled.

Closer than I’ve ever been! I actually got to my payment information before it told me the deal was sold out -___-

Everytime I clicked on Want One, it refreshed the page. Meanwhile my oven was on, what most people call, “FIRE” and my 13 yr old daughter was just sitting there, in the kitchen eating popcorn and watching DeGrassi. She can scream and yell bloody murder when her younger sister looks at her, but a fire apparently needs no attention. God damnit I wanted B O C. Gawd, there better be an oven up next. AND NOT A REFURB!!