Random scaffolding

Woot! my sixth BOC!

Yes! Got another one!!

Box of Cats #3!! Woot!!!

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kid tested, wooters.us approved!

Random Crap [Crappy] - $3.00 + $5 shipping shipping

3 * Random Crap

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BOC Number 5!


in for 1!

woo hoo! my second!

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IN FOR 1!!!

What’s going on here?

We’ve reserved a product for you, and are now processing your credit card. This usually just takes a few seconds, but if our servers are really getting pounded, it could take 20 or 30 minutes.

MY SECOND BAGGIE (last one i got screwed bc of servers!) YAYYYYYY


Um, the entire woot site went down here as soon as this came up? WTH?

gah, firefox blew on that one

how can i improve my getting Crap skills!!?!?!!?!? anybody anybody??? bueller? bueller?

How did anyone get one? The server crashed almost immediately.

of course woot goes down when the knives sell out, and comes back up with the hdd… i never even saw the boc come up!! i hate this website